Features Of Excellent Data Recovery Software You Should Try

There are tons of data recovery apps on the web that offers excellent job on getting deleted or lost files back. However, most of them do not really work effectively, and one of the reasons is because they do not have enough features to do the job. Thus, you should make sure to download and use the best data recovery software that has all the features you need!

What are the Features You Should Find on a Good Data Recovery Software?

There are several features that you should have in a data recovery app, for it to help you retrieve your deleted or lost files successfully. Some of these features are:

  1. It should run on the platform you have. You should grab one that could run on your OS like Windows, Mac OS, Linux and DOS among others. Moreover, it should also specifically match your OS version like 32 or 64 bit for Windows, and if you need one for Windows 10, 8, 7 or XP.
  2. You should also download a data recovery software that can retrieve specific file formats that you need like jpg, mp3 and mp4 among many others. However, it is best to download one that can retrieve a long list of file formats.
  3. It should also have restricting features for you to have a more convenient process in recovering your files. Such restrictions could include specifying the location of files that you want to retrieve, the file formats that you need, recovering from an external storage device or some other options. It can definitely help you have an easier process ahead.

Of course, it would be great if you can grab an excellent data recovery software for free! This should not be a problem, since there are dozens of data recovery freewares available on the web. Just choose the best one, and download it for use.