How To Be A Pro Pokemon Trainer In 2018

Augmented Reality gaming is not something of the past and the outburst of Pokémon Go has shown us that the world of mobile gaming should be taken very seriously by developers and has already gained a lot of steam in the past year or so but still Pokémon Go is one of the games to play even though most people thought it was going to be a thing of the past no sooner that later. The people of Niantic, the original developers and designers of the game and now along with Sony are proving everyone wrong. It has been able to do so by it’s ever changing gameplay and new additions to game which keeps it exciting and challenging to its gamers.

The developers realised very soon that they will need to make the discovery of Pokémon’s safer and easier as walking way too much looking for Pokémon while your eyes glued to your phone could become very risky and tiresome.

It has now added new ways you sighting Pokémon’s. One is the Nearby option which helps you to check out all the Pokémons that are there at the nearby pokestops. The second one is Sightings which shows which all Pokémons are hiding in places around you ready to be captured. The tab at the bottom right hand corner of your screen will show you at least 9 Pokémons around you and they will be a mixture of Nearby of Sightings. You can check it out on

In order to make the game more interactive, new additions like gifts have been added which can be shared in between the players.Making raids and destroying gyms have become easier right now and one of the most important points that you should remember while protecting your gym would be to use Pokémons with higher CP as your base defence or else you’ll just be wasting your time.