Christian Capozzoli – The Man Who Dreams To Make It Big In Hollywood

Christian Capozzoli is the son of Rita and Louis Capozzoli. He was born in Rochester. He describes himself as just another ordinary child who was fascinated with movies and wanted to be an actor who could do all cool stuff and be a hero to all. He loved storytelling and used to always enact different roles to his friends and family of the roles he has watched on TC recently. But during his early age, there was not always support for his parents, since education was of prime importance.

Christian Capozzoli also was not very serious on his career and was not having the aim or direction needed to decide his career choice. He completed his education in literature, writing and publishing. Some of the educational streams that excited him. He later on backed his studied to continue to pursue his dreams into acting and creating films. It was not until his late twenties, is when Christian finally started his work and dedication towards getting his break in Hollywood. Like millions other, even he dreamt of working along with the big starts and becoming a household name soon one day.

He finally got a break to work in TV series called UCB comedy originals in 2013 which is considered as his first acting TV appearance in entertainment. Christian has gone on to do several ,other short films and TV series which has give him a good amount of visibility and fame in recent years. Christian Capozzoli has been fortunate to have already worked with the big names in the film industry like Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Stephen Colbert, Lena Dunham, Robert Smigel. He has already been a part of one big project this year in The Week Of which stars Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. It released in April this year.