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Did you know that gender plays a lead role in determining the zodiac sign and the traits of a person? If you check the aquarius traits female you will realise that it is very different from that of a male. An Aquarian female is very independent and she takes matters into her hands where as an Aquarian male will usually depend on someone really close to him to make the decisions for him.

Women are more strong headed as compared to men and they usually like to do what they think is right. Men on the other hand are a little more subtle and they tend to listen to somebody when it comes to taking important decisions. However, there are some traits for Aquarian men and women that stand true for both genders. One of the most prominent being temper. Most people believe that this zodiac sign people do not get upset very often however the truth is that Aquarians are extremely hot tempered and when they do not like something they don’t hold back and voice their opinion. While this might not be known to people who don’t know them that well, with family and friends you will soon realise that Aquarians are perhaps the most hot headed people on the planet.

Being stubborn doesn’t really help because Aquarians are extremely stubborn and when they do not like certain things it upsets them even more. They like to believe that everything has to go their way and when it doesn’t it upsets them. They also do not like change and when certain things change around them it makes them angry and they do not feel comfortable. However they have a particular loyalty that no other zodiac sign can have. Aquarians are known to be very loyal and once they have a few friends that they can trust they will never let go of them.