Lush Bath Bombs: The Key Differences

Some people just want to take the simplest things, like taking a bath, for example, up a notch. In the use of bath bombs, cheap bath bombs may not be sufficient for them, as they want to use something a lot classier. Because of that, various soap makers have started to manufacture lush bath bombs that are touted to let you reap more benefits with its use than a lot of the bath bombs you can find. These lush bath bombs usually cost more than the usual, and some are even 5 times more expensive than that of the average bomb, If you want to know what the key differences are, then here they are.

Larger Size

Most bath bombs that are cheap are only of the size of a golf ball. These lush bath bombs, however, are as big as a tennis ball, and can be used for more than 1 bath, or 1 is good enough for a really large bathtub. This allows you to reap the benefits of a lush bath bomb better.

Stronger Scents

The scents that you can make from bath bombs aren’t really that different, but for sure, given the larger size, the scents are stronger and richer-smelling. There’s no need for any sort of amplifying agent for you to smell or get a whiff of these scents, which is a good thing.

More Vibrant Colors and Fizz

While these are extraneous elements or characteristics there is to any bath fizz, as well as being a standard for bath bombs, they fizz and color your water in the most vibrant means possible, unlike other cheaper brands that only settle at the bottom and do not give off that much fizz. The colors for these bath bombs are more well-defined, making bathing a more thrilling experience for you.